From The Desk Of: James Oliver

Dear Internet Marketer,

Imagine this:

You're typing up an e-mail and suddenly, you get an error on your screen. You've just lost about 3 minutes of typing. No big deal right? You just relaunch your e-mail and start again.. but wait.. You get another error trying to launch your e-mail. You try another way because you have to get this e-mail out today. You try rebooting, but your system continuously restarts before you see your desktop.

Soon, your system says "HARD DRIVE FAILURE".

You scream at the computer, perhaps kick the tower a couple times, and that doesn't seem to help either!

What can you do now? Well, unless you're technically saavy, you're going to have to take it to a repair shop. If they're not busy that day, they can get your system back to you in a few hours. That's acceptable because you 'll still have time to get that e-mail out today. Soon, they call you back...

"Sir/Ma'am, I'm sorry. You're hard drive is a Complete Loss. We're going to have to install a new hard drive and install your operating system. A new hard drive is $100.00. It will take us 3 hours to install Windows, drivers for your hardware, Microsoft Windows Updates, and a few basic Applications. The total will be around $250.00. If you have your drivers disk, we can get that down to $200.00. How would you like us to proceed?"

"Everything is Gone... E-mails, Address Book,
Financials, Pictures"

  What about all your e-mails? What about e-mail addresses? Oh NO! What about your documents!! The pictures from your kids graduation that you were going to burn to CD when you got a chance! Your Quicken is backed up right? Probably, but last year. You start to hyperventilate thinking about your data loss..

"Sir/Ma'am, are you there?"

"Yes", comes an exhausted reply. "What about my files?"

"I'm sorry", they reply, "There's nothing we can do. But there are services that do hard drive recovery. They're quite expensive though. Probably at least $1,000.00 for recovery".

  "Disaster Recovery is over 10 times
more costly than a complete backup system"

What about the programs you've downloaded that are paid for and even the free ones? What all did you have? Everything downloaded since you've had this system is ALL GONE. Do you remember everything that was downloaded and installed on the computer? It finally hits you. A complete loss means EVERYTHING.

You agree to their repairs. You hang up devestated.

When you arrive back home or at your office later that day and turn on your system, it's like a shell of what it was earlier that very day. There are 3 icons on the desktop. Your Recycle Bin, My Computer, and My Documents. You check the Start Menu for Programs. All that exists there is the Default Applications. If your technician is good, you might find a couple useful porgrams there as well.

"I have seen it all and do NOT want this
to happen to you!"

Folks, I see these types of situations almost on a daily basis. I can help you get on a more succesful track of managing your Personal Computer. The more steps you take to protect yourself, the easier recovery will be should something like the above catastrophe happen to you.


The information in this guide isn't something your Technician 
will tell you. They make money off your
lack of knowledge. Don't let them anymore!

As Internet Marketers, your entire business resides in your computers. If something were to happen, your business could come to a halt for a few days.. weeks maybe.

  I want to help you:

Active Image Create a Backup System
  Nothing can kill you faster than the stress of losing years worth of data in a moments notice. Don't think you are not succeptable! I will show you everything you've ever wanted to know about backing up your data, including all of the possible solutions.
Active Image Protect Your Data
  Learn how to protect the valuable data on your system with the knowledge of system maintenance, virus protection, and  spyware/adware protection.
Active Image Clean Up Junk Files
  Tired of a sluggish PC that ran fast when you bought it, but seems slower than ever now? Learn to clean up the trash on your computer to free up space and system resources and speed up your computer.
Active Image Cut Pop-Ups Off At The Roots
  Sick of those annoying pop-ups constantly bugging you? Is that pop-up stopper not appearing to do it's job? Learn how to cut pop-up advertising off at the roots!
Active Image Have The Right Applications
  Are you lacking when it comes to applications to get the job done? Do you have to rely on others to complete simple tasks because you just don't know the right programs to use? I can help you put together a full suite of applications that will have you on the road to Internet Marketing Success in no time!
Active Image

Much, Much More 


 Sample Image


Are You Protected?

As you can see from the above video, identity theft is a real problem today. Don't be a helpless victim, let me help you protect yourself better while on your PC.

Did you know that when you visit sites, the webmaster (or a website hacker) may be spying on your visited links or your cached internet files? What practical purpose could someone have for knowing this information? If they can find out which financial institutions you use, the next step is to find your login information. They can find this information with a ***keylogger***. I don't have to tell you what can happen from there.

One means of protection is to use FireFox Web Browser with the "SafeHistory" and "SafeCache" Extensions. Did you know about these? I do. But, that's just a start. That's where this Guide comes in. You can learn about many ways when combined, provide you with a safety net against these types of threats.

Listen! >>


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 Sample Image


Still Not Convinced?

Still not convinced that this guide will help you? Let me tell you this... If you don't get this guide, please research and find something else. Lack of knowledge on computer users part, is what allows viruses, adware, spyware, etc. to perpetuate itself across the Internet. Please help yourself, your family, friends, and even me by protecting your system and putting up a roadblock for the decline of the Internet as we know it. 


 This PC Setup Guide For Internet Marketers is not all I have in store for you. For a LIMITED time ONLY, I am offering a FREE lifetime membership access to everyone who purchases this guide.

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Sample ImageMore Inside

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Money Back Guarantee

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We offer 100% refunds for this package. 

We are so confident that when you do read this guide and use it, you will be more protected than ever before. Buy this only if you intend to read it, use it, and learn from it. Don't let this one sit in a folder somewhere on your computer.

If for some reason you review the entire guide, and you feel this does not do all that we said it would do for you and more, simply request a refund.



$29.95 is an Introductory price and a complete STEAL when the average cost for computer repair is $50.00/hour. This price WILL go up. You might refresh this page and the price go up to 39.00, 49.00 or 79.00 so consider your purchase now. Don't miss the opportunity to steal this Guide, over 250 favorites for Internet marketing topics from My PC, a directory structure system to help get you on your way to proper organization and backups, Tutorial Videos & more!!!

I want to sincerely thank you for reading this page and taking a step toward a more secure computer system and learning more about some very useful applications that you can use on a daily basis in your venture in Internet Marketing.



James K. Oliver, PC Consultant

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